Located in GIDC, Electronic Estate, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Gandhinagar District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. Is a ISO 9001-2008 and food safety management system ISO 22000-2005 certified organization. Madhur Dairy was established in the year of 1999 producing various types of milk products.

Madhur milk union is very small is idea in all over Gujarat. Madhur dairy paid price to milk producer in highest in Gujarat. Madhur dairy has awarded to national and international awards.Madhur Dairy is famous as “The taste of Capital” and the name of Madhur Dairy is remembered at National level.

Madhur Dairy also branded as the “The Taste of the Capital” serves maximum milk consumers in the City of the Gandhinagar which is the capital of Gujarat.

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As hard work and co-operation are two sides of a coin so your great hard work of collection more and more milk and your “full co-operation” for supply of your milk to the union by your milk society of village, You only are two sides of coin of the union. If I say this, it would not be out of place. I specially emphasis that our union of Madhur Dairy is famous as “ The taste of Capital” and the name of Madhur Dairy is remembered at National level proudly and very important person of foreign countries when visit Gujarat, they make a point to visit Madhur Dairy and express their satisfaction for its transparent, democratic and economical management or when more than 90 per cent of consumers of milk of Gandhinagar are served by it or when it is on roll of more than 15 national level awards/ Certificates, the full credit for this gigantic task goes not to me and my colleagues of board of Directors but only and only to you in sincere earnestness. This is like cent per cent gold and truth like rays of sun is always shining.
For these very reasons, I and my colleagues of board of Directors have great pleasure in presenting this 46th Annual Report of the institution.When can one achieve success? You all are well aware that no one can ever succeed without your whole hearted support and cooperation.

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  • The Gandhinagar District Co-operative Milk Producers’ union ltd’s VISION is to providing maximum customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and protecting their interests to build lifelong relationships and brand loyalty. It’s includes the demand of consumers with various type of milk and milk products which has good nutrition, taste, sustainable nature and quick availability.
  • We provide infrastructure with good networking facilities both in urban & rural markets for better accessibility of milk and milk products.


  • Inspiring sustained growth of our entire workforce and farmers, who have engaged
    in long term relationship with the union.
  • Development of milk products, constant research, innovative planning and processes, adaptive technologies and optimal resource utilization.
  • To pay maximum prices to milk producers.



Industrial national safety week

“Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.”

National safety week is organizing by Government of India every year on 4th March to 10th March. To give awareness of industrial safety to workers/employees, Madhur dairy has organized NATIONAL SAFETY WEEK and fire and ammonia gas leakage mock drill on 4th March 2017 in the presence of Mr. D. B. Thakkar, Retired Industrial Director and General Managers and Managers of Madhur Dairy. Madhur dairy has also organized Elocution competition and encourage employees by giving them 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank certificates. Mr. D. B. Thakkar has given live training about Fire safety and industrial safety to workers/employees.

“Safety means first aid to the uninjured.”

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Gandhinagar District Co-operative Milk Producer’S Union Ltd Madhur Dairy



Sector -25, “K” Road, GIDC,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat-382 025,



 +91-79-23287134 to 38